Improving Your Home

lighting in our homes are used several ways each day such as when we are working on a task, when we want to highlight a room or special fixture or when we want a soft glow without causing a harsh glow. ceiling lighting offers a gentle, intimate look and are functional.

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Types of lighting

There are three types of lighting ambient, task and accent. Ambient lighting provides an area with overall light. Ambient lighting puts out a soft and comfortable level of light without a glare and allows you to see and walk around safely. Ambient lighting can be achieved with ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures or track lighting. Task lighting is lighting that helps you perform certain tasks such as preparing and cooking food, reading, playing games and doing homework. Accent lighting is lighting that creates visual interest.

Ways lighting can change your home

Lighting can change your home in ways that add convenience and beauty to your home. For example, with automated lighting you can press a button on a keypad next to your bed and turn all the lighting off in every room of your home. In addition, special lighting can make it easy to light any room. By using a home remote, you can adjust individual lighting one at a time as needed, without having to leave your comfortable recliner.

Other ways lighting can change your home

Another way lighting can change your home is by enhancing security and safety with a home security system. An example would be turning on your home's exterior lighting in the event that an alarm is triggered by a home invader. Also, while you are on vacation you can install a vacation mode setting which allows you to set multiple settings that run automatically according to a schedule, while you are out of town. An example of a vacation mode setting would be your lighting going on and off and shades being raised and lowered giving the impression that you are home. Good lighting can also be a deterrent to thieves while you are away from home.

Save energy and protect your furnishing

Saving energy is a big concern these days and with efficient lighting, putting less demand on your HVAC system, you can cool your home and lower your energy bill. In addition, a smart grid keeps track of energy trends over time and window shades block the heat from the sun, keeping your home cool without your HVAC system running all day. The smart grid would also lower your energy bill and give you peace of mind. Most importantly, your furnishings can be protected from the harsh rays of the sun by using shades. Another way to protect your furnishings is by installing a special daylight sensor in the windows. This would trigger the control system to draw the curtains.

To conclude, lighting can change the look and feel of your home. Find out more about lighting and how it changes your home by stopping by at your local home improvement store.